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iosUk has a wealth of experience working on global optimisation projects from established blue chip multi nationals to SME start ups. Our projects have covered global logistics networks, Warehouse planning, bringing improvements to sorting times, Picking times and operational processes. We have also aligned global supply chains for SME start ups working with extremely complex processes, resulting in improving monthly production units and speeding up the supply chain.

Don't get left behind

Business optimisation was not the result of the global financial crises, progressive companies have been doing it for years. The main reason, competition. Every business faces competition from somewhere optimisation is the key to staying ahead in the market place. If you had 2 companies making similar products for the same unit price neither company has an edge on the other, an optimised business will have looked at ways of reducing it's unit cost thus enabling the company to undercut the competition.

Another key to optimisation is crisis planning, how to continue to operate as efficiently as possible when the business is going through a crisis. Our definition of a crisis, half your work force off work sick, a power cut, a supplier who has ceased trading to be fair our list goes on and on. Crisis planing is key to keeping your business operating efficiently at all times with minimal effects, some one on the outside would never know.

iosUk Company Director

Michael Rowe
Will always find savings in every situation. Michael once produced £150,000 savings to a logistics company that had done its own optimisation project.

ios UK Can save for you too!

We will make you more efficient

Our Skills

Business optimisation is not something you learn, its something we do, with a passion.
With years of experience within our team we can find a solution, an improvement, a more efficient way of running your business. Over time due to the "easy option" or just the work load opportunities are missed, bad habits creep in to your business. iosUK has seen it first hand if you don't give your business the time for a health check, it could be wasting time and money. .

Profit from the business health check
We hope your company is working as efficiently as possible , but in a report from July 2014 HSBC has warned UK businesses to invest now or risk falling behind and missing out on the benefits from Britain’s economic recovery. Start investing or fall behind, warns HSBC .

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